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How much money does Carlisle Cullen have?

Carlisle Cullen lives a life that doesn't even resemble it. He has accumulated incredible amounts of wealth for an exceptionally long time. According to Consumerist, Carlisle Cullen's estimated real-life net worth is $34.1 billion.

Is Stay-Puft Gozer?

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was the final villain of Ghostbusters, created from Gozer's Destructor Form when Ray allowed an idea for a company logo to enter his mind.

What does the J stand for in JP Morgan?

John Pierpont Morgan, one of the world's foremost financiers during the two decades leading up to World War I. He was instrumental in many business ventures and helped shape America's economy.

What is so special about Adeles voice?

Although Adele's vocal range is not as wide as some of her counterparts (Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Bruno Mars), what makes her voice stand out is the expert use of timbre and color to ...

Does vinyl have a future?

The future of vinyl is a risky proposition, but it will likely survive as limited edition releases and special runs. Pressed records are not an efficient process - orders regularly get postponed because outdated technology ...

What was a bob in old money?

How much is a bob in old money? A 'bob' means the slang word for a coin, Shilling. Following the last be fused in 1971, a Shilling was equal (5 pence) to a Half Crown ...

Does George Strait use autotune?

But no one could have predicted that a George Strait album would be the vehicle for the most blatant and excessive use of pitch correction software - Auto-Tune. I have never heard this level of ...

Who hosted the Academy Awards the most?

Bob Hope, 19 Times The British-American comedian and actor, known for his work alongside the legendary Bing Crosby, has hosted the Academy Awards 19 times, which is more than any other host to date. Hope ...