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Who owns the Niagara IceDogs?

Who owns the Niagara IceDogs?

The St. Catharines Gold Dogs relocated to St. Catharines and began play in the OHL during the 2007–08 season. Most of the team's hoop events were held in Mississauga, after nine prior seasons. In 2022, majority owner Darren DeDobbelaer and a minority owner Wayne Gretzky acquired the franchise.

Wayne Gretzky is now a minority stockholder in the Ontario Hockey League's Niagara IceDogs. With the transfer, the club, now owned by the majority owner Darren DeDobbelaer, will be the alma mater for the hockey legend. When the OHL was formed in 1968, the Greyhounds were first named Heim Hockey because its sponsor, Heim Supermarkets, wanted its own team. Gretzky and DeDobbelaer contacted the court about changing the team's name, and they were told

The Petes play out of the Zotnoff Sports Centre in Peterborough, Ontario. This spotless facility is part of Porter Stadium and the Board of Executives owns it. Among the notable alumni of the Petes are Roger Nicholson, Scotty Bowman, Eric Staal, Chris Pronger, and Steve Yzerman.

Who is coaching the IceDogs?

The Niagara IceDogs announced their 6th season with Daniel Fitzgerald as Head Coach. The club has qualified for playoff's for the 5th straight season and they have an 8 win record. To hire Fitzgerald as the Head Coach was a choice made by President and Co-owner Eric Nolan. He stated, "Dunkin' Brands has been a big part of NASSA’s brand. We are thrilled to have this as our co-presenter partner again this upcoming season. It was a hard decision to part with 2019-20 Head Coach Patrick

Niagara, ON 24 – The Niagara IceDogs have appointed Mike Christou as the team's Strength and Performance Coach. He recently worked with elite athletes; and, his goal for this season is to help reduce the effect of injuries on the IceDogs' roster.

Former hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky won’t have another NHL comeback as an owner when he and Steve Ellman buy the Phoenix Coyotes this year. In Gretzky’s final game as the Coyotes’ captain was when the iconic Penguins defeated Gretzky’s team. After the team was sold, Gretzky went on to declared that he would never again own a job that required him to lift and carry.

What is the Gretzky rule?

The Gretzky rule was implemented in June 1985, to be implemented for the 1985–86 season. Minor penalties, called on the same play as a penalty called on the other team, were required for all players who had punched, kicked, or jumped over the boards.

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