For the proper driving it is important that a car must be excellent at handling, or else you may lose control. There are some factors that are responsible for the handling issues of the car like suspension, tires, shock absorbers and more.

There are different cars which are designed in such a way that it provides well comforts and handling options to the drivers. 

Below is a list of some cars:

1) BMW M2 Competition

Its price is near about $59,895 which boasts a fine balance that makes it a satisfyingly a super machine to drive on the twisted roads and tracks. It is very fun to drive this car. It comes with some extra features which makes it more stylish and more powerful. 

2) Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE

It is a legitimate driver’s car whose price is $44,995. Its extraordinary suspension arrangement permits it to do things that lone a couple of years back opposed the laws of material science.

3) Ferrari 488 Pista

This is the best car and liked by many. Its price is around $345,300 with the best options.

Ferrari’s new F8 Tributo is the new lord of Ferrari’s mid-motor lineup, however, a ton of the Pista’s equipment shapes the premise of that new vehicle, beginning with its 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8.

So, here are some types of cars that are given with some of their properties and descriptions, the choice is yours. The handling of cars also depends upon the experience of driving and the way you drive with confidence. Apart from these cars which are listed above, there are different brands and types of cars available in the markets. 

Make a choice of cars according to your need and requirements and also the budgets which play an important role in the choice of cars and its associated accessories.